Working with rsync on AWS Ubuntu

I’m migrating to a new AWS instance and so I need to bring a bunch of directories with me. I could do it the easy (and slow) way and copy them to my computer then to the new server. This would be drag and drop using SFTP (automatically brought up when I SSH into my server on MobaXterm). Currently this is how I upload a web page into an Apache web directory..

The more standard way using Linux command line is by rsync. I will use a command like:

sudo rsync --dry-run --delete -azvv -e ssh /home/path/folder1/ remoteuser@remotehost.remotedomain:/home/path/folder2

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A while ago I decided I wanted a form of dim lighting for at night time, I went for LED lights run off 12 volts. After I installed some Blue LEDs, I figured it would look cool if I used several LEDs and made multicoloured shadows.. This is the result.

The effect is achieved using coloured straw-hat LEDs in a string (Red, Green, Blue and why not UV) around 15cm apart, facing a parallel-ish direction. When the shadows intersect you get this cool effect 😛

In order to get the colour to come out on camera I used a decent Canon on RAW mode.

Sunlight control

Blue CurtainI  want either light, no light or some light in the morning. the window in my room offers me light, enter curtains.


I’ve moved past bulldog clips and over to usable blinds.. took some photos of the process..

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It’s hardly impressive, if I went to IKEA before starting I would have just got the blinds they have there most likely but ahh well, basically done now.