Alfano Pro Plus Go Kart Computer Repair

Repairing my Alfano Pro Plus after a battery leaked inside it

I figured something was wrong when I put new energiser lithium batteries in my Pro Plus and it was saying low battery. So I took it apart and found that old batteries had leaked all over the circuit board which had fried some of the LEDs. I figured this had caused them to short, which was why I was getting low battery – the broken LEDs were drawing heaps of current. I removed 3 of the LEDs in question and yay it works again! saved me around $300 on a new lap timer. Still possibly screwed… need to try new batteries.
CAM00642th Finished – Back to life!!┬áNote the LEDs on the left are darker aka removed. Continue reading “Alfano Pro Plus Go Kart Computer Repair”

Trailer Power project

I bought a trailer which has it’s own power supply, so I’m trying to configure a power management system.

The trailer has room for a battery, it has LED lighting, 12v outlets and a car radio. I wanted to run power from the car as an alternative power source and to charge the battery. Several iterations and 3 trips to Jaycar later I have a system which works, not finished, but works.

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